Modern Vendor Tracking System In Commercial Facilities

The Solution

JoinIn is a cost effective vendor tracking, verification, and reporting platform, which harnesses the power of the cloud, and is extremely easy to implement. Facility managers can see which vendor is working at their facility in real-time and “verify”, “grant” or “deny” access based on vendor credentials such as updated general liability insurance, criminal record, etc.

To ease the burden on facility staff, vendors are responsible for enrolling their employees into the JoinIn system. Vendor and their employee information is automatically uploaded to the JoinIn cloud using our free App from the Apple or Android store on their phone, tablet or PC. From there facility administrators can verify the credentials stored in the JoinIn cloud and grant permissions, which are instantly sent to security desk.

When a vendor’s employee enters the facility, they scan a QR code through the JoinIn app at the security desk. Security receives a notification on their screen to grant/deny access to the employee along with his portrait for verification. If the employee leaves the facility without checking out, the App will automatically check out the employee via JoinIn’s "GPS algorithm" and notify facility management.

Facility management can easily run real-time, weekly, or monthly reports on which vendor and which employees are in the facility.

Application Highlights & Services

The Joinin Solution implements a wide range of services and features in an easy to use system.

Vendor Scheduling

Facility management can schedule vendor access to the facility as needed.

Automated Paperwork Analysis

Management approves vendor's paperwork, e.g. (General Liability). Vendors are automatically informed before paperwork expires and can be automatically locked out of the facility if desired.

Contractor Credentials Verified

Management approves vendor employee’s paperwork & identification, which is automatically submitted through the app.

Verify Access

Upon vendor’s entry, security confirms that JoinIn’s employee-photo matches the contractor entering the facility

No Per-Seat License

Facility management can add as many vendors and employees as necessary, accruing no additional fees.

Quick Implementation

Very little effort is required by facility management; the vendor is responsible for registration & credentials.

Ease of Use

Only one QR code is required for each location. Using the least amount of hardware necessary to function.

Automatic Reporting

Facility management can create an unlimited amount of reports and automate them to be sent to e-mail addresses.

Loading Dock Management

A vendor employee can be assigned a loading dock spot via the system.

Freight Elevator Reservation

A vendor employee or group can be assigned freight elevators in advance to remove logistical conflicts and enhance facility oversight.

Enhanced Security

Facility managers have complete and real-time control of any vendor or vendor group. Access permissions can be revoked in a few simple clicks.


Vendors and groups are automatically checked out of the system if tthey leave a certain radius and for get to check out, due to geolocation integration.

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